Facilities Management (FM)
Software for MRI Customers

As an MRI Partner Connect Member, RAM uses MRI’s standard API tools to integrate with MRI’s Property and Investment Management solutions, providing users with a truly flexible and seamless solution, as well as significant benefits over spreadsheets or standalone systems, such as minimising manual data input and the associated risk of errors.

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API integration with MRI’s Property and AP Automation modules streamlines FM workflows whilst also removing the need for double entry of property, tenant and vendor information. Personalised workflows ensure quotes are pre-approved before tasks are scheduled and upon completion, purchasing details are handed back to MRI for invoice matching and payment.

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Out of the box API Integration for MRI modules

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No double entry or separate management of the property portfolio in FM5000

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100% accurate data integration

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FM5000 facilitates pre-set approval stages

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Approved and completed Work Order detail is provided to MRI AP Automation modules

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Flexible implementation options



Finding a provider with the expertise to integrate a fixed asset accounting and facilities management solution with Australian tax capabilities into our existing MRI system was extremely
important for us close quote


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What's next?

If you would like to learn more about RAM’s FM software for MRI customers or wish to arrange a demonstration, contact us today and we will be happy to help!