Top of my Christmas wish list this year is... an asset tracking mobile app!

Nov 30 2017

Dear Santa,

We need to gain better control and visibility of our asset base and would really like RAM’s paperless and fully integrated hand held asset tracking system which everyone has been talking about!

Being able to replace our manual processes with a specialist solution in order to monitor and track our 1000+ mobile assets will enable greater tracking efficiencies and greatly improve our asset utilisation.

RAM’s Android and iOS application works in real time via a wireless connection and would allow us to view, update, and complete events remotely so that with the touch of a button, the register can be updated with critical asset information. Amongst other things, the mobile app would enable us to:

  • Manage the issue and return of assets to employees and customers, minimising unexplained losses and ensuring more effective asset reallocation.
  • Monitor changes in asset condition, which can be updated each time the asset is loaned or returned.
  • Record a signature on issue and return of an item, increasing the accountability of the asset base.
  • Utilise driven pick lists, allowing for faster data input and reduced risk of user error.
  • Record GPS co-ordinates when the assets are scanned and view location on Google Maps™.
  • Flag items as transferred, located or missing.
  • Easily identify assets for auditing and insurance purposes.
asset tracking

This solution really would enable us to streamline our asset tracking processes and improve our business performance through more effective asset reallocation whilst minimising unnecessary purchases. So if you could provide us with this must have asset tracking app, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance Santa...

Yours sincerely,

A hopeful Operations Manager