Selecting a new Maintenance Management Solution? The Must Have Feature to Consider...

Jul 25 2018

You may have just been tasked with researching the market for a new maintenance management solution and will no doubt already have a list of features and functionality which you consider to be essential and will be top of the list. Common examples often include planned maintenance, work order management, standard jobs, mobile maintenance and reports/KPI’s, which, with the varied choice of software solutions on offer in today’s market place, will not be difficult to find.

However, it is important to know that you are investing in a software solution which is at the forefront of technology, which utilises the latest tools and technologies and one which is provided with a future proofed development roadmap. As a leading provider of maintenance and facilities management software, we at Real Asset Management are working more and more with maintenance teams who demand the additional benefit of contractor management via an online portal.

The Rise of the Contractor Portal

Maintenance and Facilities teams have to be able to focus on relevant tasks. If important jobs are not completed following a miscommunication, expensive breakdowns are likely. Contractors and employees should be able to log in to an online portal and submit work requests or report faults. The ability to state the priority of jobs means that if a high priority fault occurs, the wheels can immediately be set in motion towards resolving the situation.

A system should act as a hub for maintenance and facilities managers to receive work requests, allocate work orders and track work that has been completed by employees or by contractors. Important documentation and information such as tasks, contractor names and contact numbers, dates, costs, certification and asset details can be recorded and held in a central repository. It means contact details are always readily accessible for the organisation’s employees and preferred contractors. If an issue is reported, administrators can easily find the best qualified employee/contractor to perform repairs. Being able to store documents such as certificates allows managers to ensure whoever is assigned a task is adequately qualified. If maintenance is performed to a high standard and issues are addressed quickly, operations will run more efficiently with a greatly reduced risk of equipment breakdowns.

Providing the facility for contractors to log in and provide quotations and manage their own profiles such as uploading the latest documentation and certification, dramatically reduces administration time and costs. Taking it a step further, having the capability to automate the assignment and delivery of work orders directly to a contractor’s smartphone or tablet who meet specific profiles, or have relationships with tenants/buildings saves valuable time and resource.

Of course, there will be a number of other essential factors to consider when reviewing a new system and to assist you with your selection, we have listed below those, which in our experience are often key:

  • An intuitive, modern and easy to navigate interface
  • A mobile maintenance app which is supported across the latest Android and IOS devices
  • A local sales, implementation and support service to ensure face to face contact
  • Top class and dedicated customer service

If you would like further information on how Real Asset Management can assist you with your maintenance requirements, contact us today.

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