Asset Tracking Top Tips!

Mar 03 2017

Asset Tracking is often perceived as being a laborious task and is all too often put to the back burner.  The RAM blog is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

RAM’s account manager, Richard Exley, is here to give some tips on how to track assets with ease!

RAM Blog (known here as RB): Can asset tracking ever be an easy task?


Richard Exley (RE): There is no need to fear asset tracking at all. A specialist web-based system with an integrated app can make the job so much simpler.  Just log in and record the item or scan using your smart device.  No need to hunt round looking for those PDA scanners gathering dust!


RB: Sounds simple. Is there not a lot of administrative work involved in setting up such a system?


RE: That’s because it is simple! The easiest way to start tracking assets is to have your system hosted in the Cloud. RAM offers its customers access to a highly secured Cloud network that is protected by physical security technology. All of the back-end IT requirements are taken care of so all you really have to do is start scanning!


RB: Is it not really time-consuming though hunting for assets?


RE: I think companies need to change the way they view asset tracking. Instead of an exercise once a year to find and record all of the items, it’s better to have a system in place that allows for day to day routine asset tracking – making it a regular task. Many of our customers use the issue and return functionality to monitor assets as they change location or ownership. Instead of the annual asset hunt, you can use the app to scan an item each time it is used, moved, issued, returned or reserved – giving you a complete audit trail of asset movement and ownership.  Users can look up the last location and confirm that the asset has been found! Routine asset tracking will certainly help to reduce items being misplaced, lost or stolen!


RB: Can the asset register be accessed on the move?


RE: Definitely. Users can log in at any time via their web browser to record information or view details.  Data can also be updated in real time using the app straight through to the central system!


RB: Sounds fantastic but what about the reporting? Can that be a time-consuming process?


RE: No not at all. There are many standard reports within the system that present the data in a user-friendly format. Those companies that manage asset tracking as a regular routine task, save vast amounts of time compiling reports at year-end because any asset movement is recorded and reported on throughout the year.


RB: Thanks, any more benefits of using a cloud-based system?


RE: The list goes on.  The fields are completely configurable to that organisations can record the information that is important to them. Administration costs can be reduced as a dedicated system saves valuable time trawling through spreadsheets. By using a Cloud system, IT costs are much less as there is no need to invest in back end server hardware. Any upgrades and security patches can be delivered remotely so it results in less time on the phone to the helpdesk.  Photos, certificates and documents can be stored against an item, saving the time needed to locate paper copies or images on separate systems.  I could go on but think we have run out of time!