Jul 25 2018

You may have just been tasked with researching the market for a new maintenance management solution and will no doubt already have a list of features and functionality which you consider to be esse...

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Selecting a new Maintenance Management Solution? The Must Have Feature to Consider...

Feb 21 2018

The commercial real estate industry has made significant progress in its adoption of technology in recent years. Mature companies and startups are all thriving around the globe, but what will 2018 ...

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Podcast - 2018 Real Estate Trends

Jan 12 2018

As the New Year begins, it’s that all important time where we reflect on the changes we want to make and put in place resolutions for improvement, be it a healthier lifestyle, saving money or spe...

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Top 5 Fixed Asset Management Resolutions for 2018!

Top of my Christmas wish list this year is... an asset tracking mobile app!

Nov 30 2017

We need to gain better control and visibility of our asset base...

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Simplify the move to AASB 16/NZ IFRS 16 compliant lease accounting in one easy step

Nov 09 2017

Introducing RAM’s powerful transition wizard.

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Are you tracking your assets’ every move?

Oct 04 2017

5 key reasons why you should...

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Struggling with spreadsheets to manage an ever growing asset register?

Jun 30 2017

5 key reasons to consider a specialist Fixed Asset System...

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Why is Facilities Management software replacing Spreadsheets?

Apr 24 2017

There is no shortage of companies utilising spreadsheets to log and manage their property management issues. If there are a small number of tasks, this can be a perfectly adequate method for record...

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AASB 16 - Are you prepared for the changes the new regulations will bring?

Apr 04 2017

Accountants find themselves in a never-ending struggle to comply with the latest financial rules and regulations. From satisfying auditors with adherence to AASB 117 to the Australian Accounting St...

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Asset Tracking Top Tips!

Mar 03 2017

Asset Tracking is often perceived as being a laborious task and is all too often put to the back burner.  The RAM blog is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

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